A Shaman’s Way

Become a new you!

From May 31-June 2, long-time Shamans Ginger and Dale Lee conduct Walking in Beauty: “The Path of the Shaman.”  In this three-day workshop, you will learn how the Shaman perceives and interacts in his/her world.  Hear about Peruvian mythology as well as the Inca Prophecies, which foretell that we are entering into a time of great shifting and change.  Through Ginger and Dale’s teachings, you will begin the process of truly knowing yourself by experiencing the World of Magic and Transformation.  Hands-on tools include how to create Sacred Space and Protection,  Shamanic Breathwork, and working with your own energy.  These well-respected teachers emphasize that “we are who we have been waiting for.”

Workshop is held in Swissvale, about 5 miles east of Salida.  Cost is $195.  More information at www.sacredwaysco.comgingerL@wildblue.net or call: 719-539-5370

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